As a curious geek, I’ve tried out all sorts of tools to help smooth the publishing and marketing process. Some of my current favourites are listed below. I use all of these – many of them every day.

Email Marketing

Mailerlite is hands-down the best email marketing service for most authors, in my view. Its mix of features, ease of use and great value simply cannot be matched. Get started with a fully functional free plan with no time limit.
(I will get a tiny commission if you use the link and go on to buy a paid plan – this is at no extra cost to you.)

WordPress Theme

Astra Pro is my preferred theme to use as the foundation of a custom website. I like it so much, I used it to build this site.
Click the button to find out more and download it. (I will get a tiny commission if you use the link – this is at no extra cost to you.)

Email Marketing

If you like to keep things simple and to only pay once, rather than by monthly subscription, then consider SendFox. You can have it for a one-off $49. It doesn’t have MailerLite’s range of features, but that keeps it ultra-simple, so take a look if you want something especially easy to use for a single payment.

Writing Software

I’ve written over a million words in Dabble over the last couple of years. It’s cloud-based and minimal enough to stay out of the way when I’m writing while having a very useful goal-setter so I can see exactly how many more words I have to write on a day. There’s a free trial, so give it a go.

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