Hello. I’m Kevin Partner, founder of IndieAuthorPlatform. I’m an indie author of fiction and non-fiction books as well as being a web developer and entrepreneur – I’m also absolutely nuts about the indie author business 😉

I created IndieAuthorPlatform because so many authors just want to write their book! Some authors (like me!) enjoy the tech side of setting up a website along with getting their mailing list sorted, other authors find it time-consuming and frustrating. 

So, with IndieAuthorPlatform, my aim is to give you exactly as much, or as little support as you need. Whether you just want safe, fast, easy-to-use hosting for a site you build yourself; a top quality website built for you; or even day-to-day support from one author to another, I’ve got you covered.

What do I know?

Web design/development

I’ve been developing websites and web applications for over twenty years, including fifteen years of WordPress development.
So, I’m not an author who dabbles in website design, I’m a website developer who’s also an author. I’ve worked with Harper Collins, Sony UK, Virgin Media and many others, developing web applications and sites. I know my way around all the relevant technologies including PHP, CSS and Javascript, so you’re in safe hands whatever you need your website to do.

I’ve been earning an income from writing since 1996, and have written and published over forty novels and several non-fiction books since I went indie in 2016 and full-time in 2018.
So, I understand what it takes to become a full-time indie author and I translate that knowledge into the sites I build and the advice I give. I maintain a responsive mailing list of 4,000 readers, and my website (kevpartner.co.uk) plays a pivotal role in that.

I write mainly speculative fiction, and twenty-seven of my books a post apocalyptic sci-fi, including my latest series, Nightfall,

Book 1 of Nightfall

I write every working day and release, on average 6-7 books per year. And I’m a proud pantser 🙂

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