Your website is the launchpad for your indie author career. It’s your home on the web, the foundation of your email list building strategy, somewhere for you to communicate with your readers and it’s essential to me that you love your new home.

I build gorgeous custom websites for authors that are perfectly suited to where you are in your career, your genre and what you want for your site. I do this for a fixed, all-in, price and I won’t stop until you are as delighted with your site as I am.

Your site is built so that you can update it yourself or I can do it for you. All websites come with free hosting plus nightly backups and regular technical updates for 12 months.


Custom Author Websites


Custom design

Based on WordPress (see below)

Genre Appropriate

Custom site structure

Book pages

Landing pages

Animation & Movement


Mailing list integration

Bookfunnel integration

StoryOrigin integration

Signup forms

Hero images

Premium Hosting

Solid State Drive (FAST!)

SSL certificate (Padlock)

Unlimited Bandwidth

10GB Email Mailboxes

Secure FTP

Nightly backups

ABOUT Your Website

Your website will be built in WordPress, the most widely used site building technology on the internet. This makes it universally compatible, giving you the freedom to choose your own host — once completed, you’re free to take your site to any hosting provider (or stay with me).

Currently, I use two ways to create WordPress websites. The first is called Divi – a sophisticated page builder that is very widely used, and this is the technology behind most of the sites in the client gallery. Divi works by adding design functionality to WordPress, making it possible to achieve designs that would otherwise be impossible.

However, in the past couple of years, WordPress has come on in leaps and bounds, adding design features of its own. This means that most sites I build in 2022 will be created in the WordPress Block Editor (in conjunction with the lightweight Astra Pro theme) with only the most complex sites in Divi. Why? Because sites created in the built-in block editor are faster than those built in Divi (with the same hosting) and they’re easier for you to edit (once you get the hang of it).

My philosophy is to always use the lightest technological touch to achieve the desired results, the the Block Editor is the future of WordPress.

And because I believe in practising what I preach, this site was recently converted from Divi and now runs on Astra in the block editor. Fast, isn’t it?
Kev Partner



Drop us a line and open up a conversation. We’re happy to advise – we’ll have an informal chat and decide whether we’re a good fit for each other.


Once you’ve signed up and paid the 50% deposit, we’ll send you a briefing document that will efficiently help us to get the information we need to get started.


When we’re satisfied that we understand what you want and need from your site, we’ll begin the technical and design process. If you have an existing site, we’ll create your new design on a temporary service so you can continue to use the old site until the new one is ready.


We’ll design the home page first, since that’s the most important part of an author website and it sets the tone for the rest of the site. The design will be based on what you’ve told us in the briefing including other sites you like. Depending on the purpose of the site, it’ll include an email signup invitation, book promotion, author information and social media links.


You let us know what you think of the design – we’ll keep working on it until you’re happy. Once the design of the home page is sorted, we’ll set up the other pages and ask for feedback.


Once the site design is completed, we’ll then integrate your third party services including: your mailing list, Bookfunnel, Instafreebie, Facebook pixel and Google Analytics, depending on your particular circumstances.


The site can now be launched. We’ll help you get acclimatised to it so that you can update the site yourself (unless you choose one of our maintenance packages). The remainder of the fee is due at this point.


A custom design perfect for your genre and purpose
Book pages
Mailing list integration
Bookfunnel integration
Landing pages
Ongoing email support
12 months of fast hosting
SSL (padlock) encrypted connection
Security service protecting your site 24/7
Nightly backups
Weekly automated updates
5 domain email addresses



Let’s have a no-obligation conversation. Drop me a line at or fill out the contact form below.

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