Indie Author Platform: What we offer

You are a writer, you should be writing. But, building a career from your writing necessarily involves a lot of tech – it’s this tech, after all, that has made it possible for indie publishing to exist in the first place. Now, you might be the sort of geek (like me) who enjoys the tech side and, if that’s the case, good luck to you – please sign up for our mailing list for tips and short-cuts to getting this side of your business sorted out with minimum fuss.

Most authors, however, just want to write – after all, the more time you spend writing, the more books you have to sell and books are your stock in trade. 

If that describes you, Indie Author Platform is here to help. It’s our aim to take as much of the tech burden from your shoulders as is humanly possible, or as much as you want

Website Development

Your website is the foundation of your author platform. Unlike your Facebook page, Amazon book pages or Twitter account, you own your website (unless you use Wix or a similar service) which means that, whatever changes happen at Facebook etc, you will always have your home on the internet. If your platform is a spider’s web, your site is the centre of that web.

We will develop a fully customised, genre appropriate, website for you – a website we guarantee you will love. This is not a minor tweak of an existing template, your site will be built from the ground up to be the perfect home for your author platform.

Email Marketing

An email list full of enthusiastic readers is the most important way of marketing your books. As with your website, your email list belongs to you – unlike your Facebook fans, Twitter followers or Amazon readers. By having an ever-growing responsive list of fans, you know that each book launch will be bigger than the last.

But setting up and running your list is not a trivial activity. We can handle this for you – everything from simply embedding your sign-up forms on your site, through creating your basic emails in your email marketing service, right up to complete management of email on your behalf.

Author Support

For authors who truly want to spend the maximum time writing, IndieAuthorPlatform offers a range of services. If you’re not sure what to do next, how to prepare for your book launch, or simply where to begin, our Author Support service will help.