My Promise to you – in plain English

You’ll find the design and hosting agreements below if you like legalese, but here’s the plain English version.

I promise:

  • Your content belongs to¬†you, always and without question. The only permission you give me is to put it where you want it or to convert it on your instructions
  • I will look after any passwords or other access details you give me as if they were my own. They will only be used for the purposes we agree
  • Where I act on your behalf, I will represent you with all the professionalism you’d expect. I will protect your brand as if it was my own
  • I will not be a dick – my word is sacrosanct and I operate with integrity at all times.

Web Design

Here’s the legalese version of the agreement for web design. If you have any problems, contact me.


Whether you opt just for our hosting package, or any of our all-in-one packages, the hosting agreement is the same for all.