Voiced by Amazon Polly

So, you convince Amazon to set the price of your first book as free by matching it with other sites. You check via the KDP dashboard, hopping to the US and UK sites and yes, it’s showing as free. You email your subscribers to give them the great news. Within minutes, you start receiving complaint emails that it’s not, actually, free.

Why? Because Amazon sometimes cocks up and it’s not enough for you to check whether the book is free from your location. If I, in the UK, look on Amazon.com, I might see my book as free. However, if a reader based in the US looks at the same book on the same site, it isn’t. This does happen – it happened to me, to my extreme embarrassment.

Here’s how to double check.

  1. Go to GeoPeeker.com – no need to register an account. Type in the URL of your book on the Amazon site you’re interested in checking
  2. GeoPeeker launches that URL on servers from various locations around the world
  3. …and produces thumbnails
  4. Click on a thumbnail from a location you’re interested in. And breathe a sigh of relief!