Do you want to have the satisfaction of building your website yourself without the hassle of all the technical setup of hosting, themes and plugins? With our DIY Guided Author Package you get exactly that and you’ll have support on-hand to help if you ever get stuck. All of this for a fixed monthly fee (or you can pay annually) including a license for the Divi premium theme and other pro plugins that would separately cost hundreds of dollars.

With the DIY Guided Author Package, you get to build a site based on WordPress, the world’s most popular website technology. With WordPress, you get access to tens of thousands of plugins and themes so there’s no limit to what your site can do. Site builders such as Wix and Squarespace might seem tempting, but by basing your site on WordPress, you future-proof yourself and retain complete control of your internet home.


How it works

hosting set up

We’ll set up your site on our premium hosting. This includes secure hosting which means you’ll get the padlock symbol (this helps with your Google ranking and reassures visitors). Your site will also be backed up every night.

WordPress Install

Then we’ll install the latest version of WordPress along with our recommended suite of plugins for security, back-up, SEO, image optimisation etc. This suite includes premium plugins for which we hold a client licence.

We make sure to include the functionality that authors need including those for list-building and easy editing.

Theme Install

We’ll install the Divi theme (worth $80 per annum) onto your new site. You can either have it au naturale or you can select from one of our awesome designs and we’ll install it for you (no additional charge). You can then edit your site to your heart’s content.

help and support

We’ll provide a bullet-point list of what needs to be done on your site. If you get stuck at any point, drop us a line and, if it’s very straightforward, we’ll email you, if it’s a bit more involved, we’ll shoot a video for you to refer to.


who is this aimed at?

This package is designed for indies who want to roll up their sleeves and jump right in without finding themselves in shark infested waters or sinking without a trace. Is that enough metaphors in one sentence?

WordPress is widely acknowledged as the best basis for an author website, but it has a learning curve and the initial site build can be daunting. This package is aimed at authors who want to build a site for the long term and are prepared to learn WordPress but want to make the process quicker and simpler by having all the technology done for them and having help on tap when needed.

So, some degree of technical competence is needed – but only at the level of tools such as Canva, for example. If you want to have someone do it for you, we have custom services for that.

what does it cost?

You can find the pricing below – a fixed monthly fee or a one-off payment.

what am I getting?

The full list is below, but perhaps a house building metaphor would be useful here. The DIY package is the equivalent of a house with four walls and a roof and all services connected – ready for you to decorate.

what am i committing to?

There’s a 12 month initial commitment if you choose monthly payments.

What happens after the first year?

You can continue to benefit from the hosting, backups, help and support after the first year for a reduced monthly rate. Or you can export the site and move to another host (though you would then have to purchase licenses for Divi and the various plugins).

How is this different to other services?

There is at least one other service offering DIY author websites. Our DIY Guided Website Service differs in three main ways. Firstly, because we use Divi, your design options are limitless so you’ll be able to build exactly the website you want and, over time, to change the design as often as you want. Secondly, after the first year, you have the choice of either continuing at a reduced monthly fee or exporting your site to another host – you are not locked in. Over time, then, our service gives you much more control, freedom and flexibility at a lower cost. Thirdly, our service costs less!

Give or take a few days, I’ve been working with Kevin for a year. During that time I’ve published my first book on the Kindle (and in paperback), seen my author website come to life, built up a mailing list and started to earn money as an independent author.

I couldn’t have done any of that without Kevin. I’m a writer: I don’t have a technical bone in my body. And I don’t want to have. I want to write, and leave all the tech and ‘back office’ stuff to someone else. Kevin does that superbly.

Despite never meeting we have a perfect working relationship and I look forward to working with Kev for years to come. It’s a cliché, but the business of being an independent author is a marathon not a sprint. You need someone who’ll be with you on the journey – and I couldn’t think of a better person to be with than Kevin.

Mark Richards



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