email marketing setup and management for authors

Why is an email list so important?

As an author, it’s essential that you have control of your marketing. While advertising is very important, and many authors also focus on building their social media following, your email list is the only form of marketing you have complete control over. At any point, you can download your entire list. This makes you independent of any specific supplier.

With a mailing list, you have a direct line to your readers. Write compelling books your readers look forward to and you’ll get sales at every launch.

Your books, your website and your email list – the three pillars of your author career.

Leave it to Us

There’s no particular reason why being an author should, in itself, equip you to set up and run a successful email campaign. You have the talent to write great emails (it goes with being an author), but the initial setup can be like an undiscovered country.

So, our email marketing setup service takes the strain out of creating an efficient means of growing your list and interacting with your readers.

You’re a writer – go ahead and write. Leave the techie stuff to us (we love it!)

We love MailerLite as we believe it combines all the features an author is likely to need with outstanding value. We also have extensive experience with MailChimp and ConvertKit but if you’re looking for the best email service for authors, we recommend MailerLite wholeheartedly.

How it works

Drop us a line and open up a conversation. We’re happy to advise – we’ll have an informal chat and decide whether we’re a good fit for each other.
Once you’ve signed up, we’ll draw up a formal list of the tasks that will be completed on your behalf
If you’ve only just signed up to MailerLite, all you have to do is the initial setup – we’ll handle everything from verification onwards, leave it to us.

We’ll create a custom theme – including a colour scheme and font choices – that will ensure your emails look consistent and that you can create them quickly.

We can set up all the automations you need to welcome new subscribers to your list, including delivering reader magnets. We’ll give you clear instructions on how to sign up for group giveaways on Instafreebie and Bookfunnel.
Once done, we’ll hand it back to you to manage (unless you choose our ongoing support package)


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