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Having an active blog is a great way to keep engaged with readers and potential readers, but it can be a huge pain to have to work out what you’re going to post about. So, I’ve analysed a range of the most active author blogs and come up with a list of the post types they use. Here’s the top 25(ish)


Every promotion needs its own blog post


eg “I published today, can’t believe that’s my xth novel. When I first started writing fiction .. ….”

Behind the scenes stories of your life as an author

This isn’t about telling authors about how to write, it’s giving your readers a peak behind the curtain of how you go about your craft

Cover reveals

You’ve got it, flaunt it!

Calendar occasions – Christmas, New Year, etc

The print-on-demand version of your book would make a wonderful Christmas present, after all.

Publication news – gone to editor, uploaded to Amazon, paperback ready

Build a momentum and a sense of anticipation


When you write something you love, create

Blurb written

A blog post is a great place to publicise your blurb – if it’s good, it’ll increase anticipation

Release schedule

Again, some of your readers will be eagerly awaiting your next book. Tell them when they can expect it.


Everyone likes a freebie!

Ask the Author compilations

If you’ve interacted with your readers, compile their questions here

Press reviews

If you’ve managed to get any

Amazon reviews

Summarise the best.

Sales milestones

If you’re feeling brave

Audio books release

Audible is a growing medium with the rise of Amazon Echo

Personal appearances – pictures of the signing

Just make sure you have permission if anyone other than you is identifiable in the photo

Flash fiction

Can you write a 100 word story set in your world?

What you’re reading

Introduce your readers to other authors

What you recommend your readers should read


What you’re watching at the cinema/on tv

Within reason

Recaps of one book when the next book in the series is due to be released

This is a brilliant way to remind readers of where they’re up to

Book trailers

When they’re released, put them into a blog article as well as YouTube and Facebook

Book festival schedules and appearances

More live appearances

Box set news

Readers love box sets!

Cross-promoting another author

A great way to grow your list

Personal adventures